Dropping a ball in an accelerating elevator

In this short video clip, a ball is dropped in front of a meter stick and lit by a strobe light. A long exposure photograph captures the position of the ball at each evenly spaced flash of light. The acceleration of the ball can then be measured from the photo. Note: If your school doesn't allow direct online video viewing, A the ball’s acceleration is the same during its upward and downward motion. B the speed at which the ball lea ves the surface after an impact is equal to the speed at which it returns to the surface for the next impact. C for one impact, the speed at which the ball hits the surf ace equals the speed at which it leaves the surface. Drop one of the balls and record the time. Next drop the other mass ball and record the time. Repeat the measurements of these two masses as they drop. You want 10 measurements for each mass. In order to account for changes in the apparatus, be sure to alternate masses as you drop and time them.

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Typically, it causes an object with mass to accelerate or decelerate. Acceleration is a change in velocity. Force can also be described as a pull or push. It is a vector quantity with a direction and magnitude. Force is directly proportional to both mass and acceleration. Force is categorized into two types, contact and Action At A Distance.

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A 6.0-kg object is suspended by a vertical string from the ceiling of an elevator which is accelerating upward at a rate of 1.8 m/s2. Determine the tension in the string.

A ball will accelerate toward the ground after being dropped, and you can track this acceleration using a video camera and a projector. Start by video recording a person dropping a ball and that ball hitting the ground at a rate of about 60 frames per second. All the action should take place in the same frame.

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