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If you are not expecting a sound like that, when it does happen, it is not always easy to detect where it came from and how far it was. Do you have gas in your home, just asking, cos if you do, then you should get a carbon monoxide alarm, for you and your childrens safety., you do have a smoke alarm...are you certain it is not a dual, as many are? Overhead Bangs In new homes, roof trusses, or the wood used to frame the attic, often is green, meaning it still has a high moisture content. As it dries, it can shift and contract, triggering bangs loud enough to make you think a tree fell on the roof. Those noises should decrease during the home's first year or so. Jul 04, 2013 · If you installed a smoke alarm in your house and the siren keeps making either a constant beeping or chirping sound every 30 seconds, then the smoke alarm itself needs a service. If your smoke alarm is a battery powered, i strongly suggest you don't remove the battery from it. When you hear your carbon monoxide alarm beeping, the first thing you should do is pay attention to the exact nature of the sound.Different patterns of beeps or chirps mean different things, though all signal that you must take some action.

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White Noise Mobile Apps. White Noise is available for iOS and Android mobile devices in 3 flavors–Lite, Full, and Pro. All versions support continuous looped playback of audio without using a network connection, free sound downloads from our White Noise Market, mixing multiple sounds together with our slick Mix Pad, background audio, and our revolutionary Recorder w/ GeniusLoop algorithm ...

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Hey guys, Is it possible to disable the low battery beeping from the Mini's RC? Considering it starts at 20% and the Mini's 30-minutes flight time, that amounts to a wopping 6 minutes of beeping if you really wanna fly it all the way down to 0. I obviously don't usually do that, but I was taking some action shots yesterday of my son riding his hoverboard on the road in front of my house ... When the RO tank is full/near full, we hear a noise about 2-5 minutes after water is used anywhere else in the house. The noise starts as a 2-second low vibration sound (like a low moan/humming) and gradually ramps up to a high-pitch squeal; the entire sound lasts about about 3-5 seconds and can be heard in adjoining rooms in the house.

In the House of Mouse, Pumbaa tries to do stand up comedy, but his jokes are met with cricket chirps. Cut to Cri-kee making the chirps, and Jiminy Cricket looking slightly confused, being a cricket who looks nothing like an actual cricket.

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